Thanks for stopping by! We are RealDudes Podcast, a group of four friends who love tech, music, movies and video games! Since 2016, we have enjoyed providing you with our opinions on the latest news and releases. 


So who are Real Dudes Podcast? 

We have Kyle, Karrington, Cody and Andrew. We have changed the lineup a little bit over the years. Kyle and Karrington are the remaining original members at the moment. Cody and Andrew are fairly new to the crew and love sharing their opinions on gaming. 

We started out as a gaming podcast covering all things gaming and nerdy. Just recently they decided to fill a niche that wasn't covered very often or very well. RDP decided to start covering Indie Games and Developers. As well as talking to ones within the industry who are just starting out or maybe ones who have quit a AAA studio and decided to start their own studio or maybe they are still working at a AAA studio, how did they get there? They also cover a wide range of subjects that relate to video games, gamers and gaming in general. You will see a main focus on independent games though.

The RDP crew is located in the Cincinnati and Dayton area of Ohio as well as the Huntington, West Virginia area. You can see them at local gaming conventions and events in these areas so if you are anywhere near them head over to our contact page and let them know you would like to hangout or just say "hi!"

The RDP crew has been working hard at trying to provide the latest and greatest indie gaming news for everyone! Featuring creators both big and small! They will continue to do so in the coming months so stay tuned and come along for the ride!