Advertising Section

If you are looking to advertise on our show you should head on over to our AdvertiseCast page. Here we have all of our prices if you are looking to advertise and sponsor the show!

As a podcast we are still relatively small but we are growing! In 2017, so far we are averaging 550+ downloads per month with an average of 580+ since May 2017, whereas this time in 2016 we were averaging 90+ downloads per month. When we release an episode it currently gets around 100+ downloads within 30 days and looking at 200+ after two months. We recently hit 6k downloads overall with 5650+ of those downloads coming in 2017 alone. When we launched you could find the show on iTunes, Google Play and Podbean. We are now included on Stitcher and TuneIn and any app you can listen to podcasts such as Podcast Addict. We were also featured on our host Podbean for 3 months gaining over a thousand followers on that platform. We currently have around 2k followers on Twitter, 250 followers on Instagram and roughly 100 likes on our Facebook page. Our website gets roughly 90 hits/month which features our episodes, articles we've written and our various affiliates. We are also involved in several online community groups including some independent gaming groups which we are active in and we feature their games on our show! 

We will be able to promote any business on our show, our various social media platforms several times a week and on our website.