Real Dudes Ep. 61 Sci Fi Overload with Trüberbrook & Star Wars

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star wars. Star Wars. STAR WARRRRRSSSSS! and Karrington doesn't have a dog?

But First.....

This week after recording the episode twice we've finally gotten the audio to cooperate! Kyle reviews Trüberbrook by Headup Games. What were his thoughts on this point and click adventure? Was the story intriguing? How was the art and voice acting in the game? After Trüberbrook we discuss a little news which includes Risk of Rain 2 by Hopoo Games and how much we have been enjoying this early access title! Finally we close the show with our thoughts and reactions to some of the biggest announcements from the Star Wars Celebration. A new season of Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, Fallen Order, RISE OF SKYWALKER! So much incredible announcements this year and we are so excited to discuss it!

Time Stamp:

Trüberbrook: 2:38

News: 21:03

Star Wars Celebration 41:04   

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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Real Dudes Ep. 60 Awesome Chasms

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This week on RDP we go review the retro platforming coin collection pea Awesome Pea. Was it too challenging for Karrington? Did he find it enjoyable? Following that Kyle reviews Escaped Chasm. How is this extremely short game? Does it live up to games such as Undertale or Deltarune? After our reviews we discuss a little news which includes our reactions to the Joker trailer and Prince Harry wanting to ban Fortnite. During our off topic Cody and Karrington discuss the benefits to building a PC and how you can do so on a budget!

Awesome Pea

Escaped Chasm

Time Stamps:

Awesome Pea - 3:55

Escaped Chasm - 13:20

News - 27:40

Off Topic - 46:18


Real Dudes Ep. 59 Going Retro with Undertale

This week on RDP Kyle and Karrington are holding the fort down and going back a few years with a retro review of Undertale by the great Toby Fox. What did Kyle think? Did he find the game twisted like most people? What was his play style? This game has dropped our jaws! Following the retro review of Undertale we discuss some news and then go into our off topic which is a listener review of Sky Gamblers: Afterburner! Stayed tuned, this episode is short but it sure is sweet!

Time Stamps:

4:40 - Undertale

30:46 - News

40:17 - Off Topic Listener Review




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Real Dudes Ep. 58 Gamblin with Cars and Planes w/ Phil the Chef

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This week Karrington and Donovan review "Sky Gamblers Afterburner". As the resident "airheads" of the group, Karrington and Donovan go deep into if this game flies among the skies or crashes before it even takes off. Then Cody reviews the latest in indie racing games, "Cody reviews Horizon chase turbo", this game might be for the best gearheads or maybe its not the best. Find out all this and more for both of these games! Then the crew gets into some news with their off-topic being is Super Smash Bros for people who don’t like fighting games or Nintendo? Get Ready, Get set, LISTEN!

Surgeons and Video Games

Time Stamps

Sky Gamblers: 5:27

Horizon Chase Turbo: 34:35

News: 51:10

Off Topic: 59:43


Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

Real Mini: Interview with Mel Kirk & Chris Baker of Zen Studios

This week Karrington makes Chris Baker and Mel Kirk of Zen Studios appear out of thin air! Learn how Mel and Chris got their start in the gaming industry. Chris and Mel love their new project, Operencia , an upcoming RPG by Zen Studios that looks incredible! Whether its projects associated with Lucas Arts or Marvel to Guitar Hero or Rock Band Karrington gets down to the nitty gritty with the amazing guys! After you check out this episode feel free to check the links below for both of these dudes, Zen Studios and Operencia.

Chris Baker

Mel Kirks Twitter

Zen Studios

Operencia Game


Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman


Real Mini: K and K in the Morning round 10

This week Kyle reviews The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince by Atypical Games. After he discusses that awesome fairy tale game Karrington discusses his feelings on the announcement of Nintendo of America President Reggie retiring. How will Doug Bowser do? What does this mean for the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft. Check out this weeks episode of RDP to find out our thoughts!

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Real Mini: K and K in the Morning round 9

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 This week Kyle and Karrington tease the upcoming review of WarGroove by Chucklefish. After holding back everything we could about our love for WarGroove we touch on the creation of Evening Star, how huge Apex Legends grew in a week, and our official thoughts on Will Smiths Genie...Its scary!

Real Dudes Ep. 55 Transporting in Fate

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 This week Kyle, Karrington, Cody and Donovan review the game "Hands of Fate". Cody goes in deep and lets us know about this card RPG! Does this game survive the tale? Or is dropped from the table? Then they get into some while they get into the off topic discussion, EA cancelled another Star Wars game, was it right for Disney to give the rights to EA? We have only had 2 full games with a bunch of mobile releases. EA seems not be handling this franchise with the love and care the fans want. Is it too late to back out? Also, some strange things are happening with Karrington and he seems to be inviting random guests!

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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Real Mini: K and K in the Morning round 8

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 This week Kyle and Karrington go into a deep discussion about the podcast and our plans for 2019. There will be more interviews. More Games. More Reviews. More Writing. After our chat we go into discussion about Nintendo's Indie presentation from last week which included such games as WarGroove, Inmost, and CrossCode. Hold on to your butts! This week is a good one!

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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Real Dudes Ep. 55 Welcome to the Beginning

Razer Attitude Tee (Have You Seen My Snake)

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We are back and better than ever! Donovan and Karrington survived! 2019 has now idea whats in store for it! This week Karrington scores Welcome to the Dreamscape by Fyre Games. The crew goes into discussion about what they played over the break. After a short break we discuss our thoughts on the split between Activision and Bungie. Does that split make bungie one of the biggest Indie Game Studios? We end things this episode by answering your questions which were sent to us via Twitter. Whats the best Starburst flavor? You gotta listen to find out!

Time Stamp:

Welcome to the Dreamscape 7:04

Games played over our break 15:56

Activision and Bungie Split 39:27

Listener Questions 49:22


Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

Real Dudes Ep. 54: Welcome to the end

This week is weird for us here at RDP. While the format stays the same something went terribly wrong with an object Donovan found. We seem to be doing okay but we all feel a You'll have to listen to find out. We discuss Welcome to the Dreamscape by FyreGames. While Karrington doesn't give a full review on the game he does discuss his initial impressions on the game and plans to do a full early next year. Following that Kyle tells us about his time with Transistor on Nintendo Switch by SuperGiant Games and why he loved that game. We discuss a little news and then jump into our game of the year discussion with Cody. It's no surprise what we decide is game of the year! Please stay tuned after our discussion to hear what happened with Donovan during the's shocking.

Time Stamps:

5:00 - Welcome to the Dreamscape

12:00 - Transistor

36:07 Game of the Year!


Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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Real Mini: K and K in the morning "World Premiere"

This week Karrington and Kyle discuss the 2018 Video Game Awards. What were some our of favorite games that won awards? Who won best indie game of the year? What were some of the amazing new games announced during the awards? We were extremely happy with some of the nominees this year and how well indie games were represented! Stay tuned towards the end as we briefly discuss our involvement with a special play through of Minecraft Hardcore!

RedyJenny's Sneak Peak of Minecraft Hardcore Mode 2

Real Mini: K and K in the Morning round 6 with Chris of Play Comics Podcast

This week Kyle and Karrington go at it again with another K and K in the morning but this time its different. There's a new voice that is joining them this episode. There's a new cowboy that is wanting to voice his thoughts on things. Play Comics Podcasts very own Chris joins us as we chat about his most recent episodes of his show and talk about other super hero video games. This is a very open and laid back discussion so get ready for anything! You can check out Play Comics down in the link below!

Play Comics

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Real Mini: Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel of Suspicious Behavior Productions

This week Karrington interviews to fantastic writers! Meet Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel of Suspicious Behavior Productions an Indie Comic Book Company. Matt and Ed have been writing video games for quite some time, they both had the ability to meet and work on projects such as Leisure Suit Larry from High Voltage Software, Valiant Hearts: The Great War from Ubisoft. Individually they still write games, for example Ed Kuehnel got a chance to write for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Matt Entin has had the chance to write AGENTS OF MAYHEM from Volition. Listen in as they talk about their new project "Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia". What is this comic about? How was it born? 

You can read the first 2 copies online now for FREE!

Just head on over to

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Real Dudes Ep. 52 Pocket Sized Bomber Mechs

This week we have the President of Video Games, Andrew Reiner, on who gives us a chilling story of his visit to West Virginia and the Chef himself Phil joins us to chat about his visit to the beautiful state of West Virginia as well. Karrington and Cody discuss Vox Machinae and Donovan reviews Bomber Crew! After we chat briefly about some news we go into a discussion topic which Karrington brought up "Fallout 76 is said to have servers online "forever" are there any games you wish still had servers today and why?"

Time Stamps:

Vox Machinae 16:21

Bomber Crew 26:08

News 42:12

Off Topic 45:34

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

Real Mini: Interview with Illustartor & Artist Joe Corroney

This week Donovan and Karrington travel to a galaxy far far away just to talk to the artist Joe Corroney! Joe is an artist that they met at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Joe has been illustrating official Star Wars artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic books, posters, prints and magazines since 1997. They talk about Joe's journey from Apprentice to Jedi Master!

Joe's Website

Joe's Facebook

Joe's Twitter

Joe's Instagram

Real Mini: WVGDE 2018

Here's a bonus episode for you guys and gals! This past weekend Kyle and Karrington went to the 2018 West Virginia Game Developer Expo located at Mountwest Community & Technical College in Huntington, WV. We got to listen to an awesome keynote but the VFX Artist Brad Kalinoski. After the keynote we set up our booth and interviewed a few of the local developers which included Connor Rush of Fyre Games, Steve and Jay of Wraith Games, a few students of the MU Gamers Guild, and Jack Daniels of Lasso Games. We had a blast and can not wait till next year. Check out the Devs websites below to see what awesome games are getting made in the tri-state

WV Game Dev Expo

Fyre Games

Wraith Games

Lasso Games

Marshall University Game Design Guild Twitter

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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Real Dudes Ep. 51 Time Stamp!

This weeks discussion starts out with Karrington chatting about going to see Mystery Science Theater 3000 live and then we briefly discuss West Virginia Game Developers Expo (Stay tuned for this week because we've got a special episode we will be releasing about WVGDE) After our intro discussion Cody discusses a game by The Voxel Agens called The Gardens Between. For a guy that does not enjoy puzzle games, he had a lot of good things to say about The Gardens Between. Things take a shift after when Karrington goes into his review of Super Hyper Active Ninja which recently released on the Switch. Listen to see what his final verdict was of the game! After we discuss a little news special guest Jordan Dean goes into his dark hole of why he hates Fortnite and he leaves the floor open to anyone that would like to come on and counter his argument!

The Gardens Between

Super Hyper Active Ninja


Time Stamps:

10:37 - The Gardens Between

18:07 - Super Hyper Active Ninja

32:52 - News

39:32 - Fortnite: The Most Overrated Game

1:06:00 - TIME STAMP!

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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