Real Dudes Ep. 50 ReTimed and 49 Episodes of Pure Chaos

This week Kyle, Karrington, and Donovan are joined Garret! A long time personal friend of theirs. While he jumps into the conversation, Kyle reviews ReTimed. This fun fast paced battle arena game by Team Maniax left him wanting more from them. What did he rate it? What more did he want from it? Stay tuned for later this week when we will be dropping a bonus interview with Max Striebel from Team Maniax. After a brief break and some news the guys discuss the "Classic Console". Why is this a good strategy? Do we think the PS Classic will be successful? You've gotta listen to find out!

Time Stamps:

ReTimed 6:02

News 20:49

Off Topic 38:23


Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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Real Mini: Interview with JB Kalagayan of MeSseD Comics

This week Kyle and Karrington chat with JB Kalagayan of MeSsed Comics to talk about how he was able to turn his vision of MeSseD into an amazing story! Where did he find his inspiration for MeSsed? How did JB and Dylan get in contact with each other? What wise words does JB have for aspiring comic book writers? We had such a fun time and learned alot for this incredible man, after you listen make sure to follow MeSsed on Twitter and Instagram and check out their website below to get your copy of MeSsed!


MeSsed Comics


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Real Dudes Ep. 49 The VideoKid, Heroki, & Cincinnati Comic Expo

We have a huge special treat with us today! Karrington, Kyle, Cody and Andrew are joined by Donovan! Donovan created the Star Wars audio drama that we shared with you some months ago and is here live to share his thoughts with everyone! The RDP crew cover 2 games this week starting with The VideoKid 80s Edition. This game from PixelTrip Studios certainly hits all the right nostalgia buttons when it comes to references. The real question is, does it hit that nostalgia button for the Real Dudes? Then we have a port on the Switch from Picomy studios who assist in the making of Sonic Mania with the game Heroki. Heroki is about a helicopter kid who has to save his village and the world but can he save the crew and come out on top with a hit? After some news the guy then cover their experience at Cincinnati Comic Expo 2018. What did they enjoy? Did they meet any celebrities? More importantly did they dress up when they went to the expo? Listen in and find out all this and more!

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Real Dudes Ep. 48 Overcooked Cells with Phil the Chef

Phil the Chef joins the crew this week as they discuss Dead Cells and Overcooked 2. With Phils background in Chefology he lets us know the similarities between the game and the actual kitchen itself. What did he rate this game? What did the crew initially think of this fast paced multiplayer cooking frenzy. Following Overcooked 2 Karrington and Phil discuss Dead Cells. A roguelike game metroidvania style game that will be sure to kick you right where it counts! It's brutal and rewarding! Make sure to listen through to see what the guys rated Dead Cells. After discussing games the guys go in to a short news segment and then discuss the ultimate questions sent in by Relentless Rex! Video Game 1 v 1s! Loser never existed! This week its a fight between Batman and Spiderman? Who won the debate? Gotta listen to find out!

Time Stamps:

Overcooked 2: 3:14

Dead Cells: 16:50

News: 29:37

Off Topic: 47:17

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Real Dudes Ep. 47 Nindie's and an Interview with Adam Jeffcoat


This week we decide to discuss the incredible Nintendo Direct on Nindies that was presented last week. What are we most excited for? Is Nintendo the leading company for indie studios? You got to listen to find out! After our brief discussion on Nindies we talk with the Director over at Pixel Trip Studios, the master mind behind The VideoKid 80s Edition! Mr. Adam Jeffcoat! We pick at his brain about the developments of The VideoKid and find out his background with playing video games! Who was his inspiration, and what wise words does he have for future developers! All that and more on this weeks episode of Real Dudes Podcast!

Time Stamps:

2:10 Nintendo Direct

21:02 Interview with Adam Jeffcoat of Pixel Trip Studio

Pixel Trip Studios

Real Dudes Ep. 45 There's No Way To Sleep!

This week Karrington reviews and discusses The Way Remasted on Nintendo Switch. This game brings up the questions of the meaning of life and what happens when we die. Did this game find the way into Karrington's heart or will it find itself a way out the door? Following that Cody dives into the tower defense game Sleep Tight by We Are Fuzzy. Is this the next sleeper hit for fans? or did Cody fall asleep while playing it? Find out how these games did and if you should check them out! After a brief break we try our best to answer the question "What is the most accurate gamer stereotype?" and this is a difficult one to answer. Especially since Cody and Karrington go way off topic and start talking D&D. How do the two topics intertwine? Let us know on twitter or facebook if you have the answer!

Times Stamp:

5:53 - The Way Remastered

13:07 - Sleep Tight

25:14 - What is the most accurate gamer stereotype

Real Mini: Interview with Author Patrick Hickey Jr.

This week we talk to the one, the only, the truly amazing Patrick Hickey Jr. Patrick is known for his book "The Minds Behind The Games: Interviews with Cult and Classic Video Game Developers". He also has written for various outlets including NBC. Patrick is also the Editor in Chief of Our interview with Patrick was incredible, we discussed his history in gaming. The massive collection of games he's obtained over the years. Patrick then discusses with us the process of how he was able to interview so many developers and how his book came about to be. We close off things with how he got into voice acting and how his relationship with Relentless Rex began. You can check out Patricks Book, Website, and Twitter account below!

Patrick Hickey Jr. Website

Review Fix

Patricks Twitter

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Real Mini: Mick Waites talks Miles & Kilo

With the launch of Miles & Kilo on the Nintendo Switch being right around the corner Mick stops by to have a chat with us. He talks about the process of porting Miles & Kilo to the Switch and the differences between it and Kid Tripp. Plus lets our listeners know what they can expect from this retro styled platformer. If you're a fan of Mario or Sonic you won't want to miss out on this incredible indie title! Pick it up on Nintendo EShop on July the 5th 2018! Be sure to check out the game and the twitter accounts associated with it below.

Miles & Kilo

Michael Burns Twitter

Four Horses Games Twitter

Mick Waites Twitter

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Real Mini: JonJon with Floor Kids

This week we chat with JonJon the man behind the animation of the hit rythym game Floor Kids. We discuss his history with video games. How he got involved with animation. Also he talks about how it was working with Kid Koala and how the entire process of creating Floor Kids was an organic experience! This interview was truly special to us and we are very greatful that he took the time to come onto the podcast. Be sure to check out the link for Floor Kids below and JonJons twitter page as well!

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Real Mini: Matt Bitner & Kayla Dowdy Creators of A Robot Named Fight

We sat down and had a chance to pick at the minds of Matt Bitner and Kayla Dowdy about the creation and marketing of A Robot Named Fight. This MetroidVania style game left us excited and happy on a previous episode, so much so that we needed to talk to the man behind it. We dive into their gaming history growing up. Talk about the ups and downs of creating a game, and the challenges of being a developer. We also talk to Kayla about how she got involved with market managing and how it benefits A Robot Named Fight. Be sure to check out the links below to get more info on the game and Matt!

A Robot Named Fight

Twitter - A Robot Named Fights


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Real Mini: Kyle Hilliard from Game Informer

The Kung Fu High Impact World Champ Kyle Hilliard from Game Informer joins us to discuss his history with video games. From writing reviews for other sites to changing his major in college he discusses with us how her got into journalism and how he got involved with Game Informer. After we learn a little bit about his history in gaming we ask him about being a dad and introducing games to his daughter. We had alot of fun chatting with Kyle and you can check out his twitter page and some of his work below in the links.

Kyle's Twitter

Kung Fu High Impact Replay

The History of Game Freak

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

Real Mini: Jan Serra from Scarecrow Studios

Welcome All! To another great interview! This week we have Jan Serra from the indie studio Scarecrow Studios. They are currently working on their first game "3 minutes to midnight". Here all about Jan's journey to creating his own indie studio and his very first game! Jan and Karrington talk a lot about what we can expect from Scarecrow Studios! Dont believe us? This is what their website has to say, "independent multidisciplinary video game company specialized in creation of Point-and-Click 2D Adventure Games. The soul of our projects is a passionate team of dreamers and doers that do what they love and love what they do, and we think you will love it, too! And that’s not even a half of it. We are not a team because we work in the same company, we are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other. Our view is that in order to succeed with this kind of games, technical and artistic creativity is the key." Listen in on this very exciting interview!

Scarecrow Studios:






Real Dudes Ep. 40 Sea Hero Cooking Quests with Phil!

On the latest RDP we have the infamous Chef Phil Hoff join us for a interesting discussion about a game created by Glitchers called Sea Hero Quest. By us playing this game we were able to contribute to multiple hours of dementia research! You can do the same by searching for this game in your iOS or Android app store now! (Sea Hero Quest) After a short break we go into gaming news and then chat with Phil about what he does and how it relates to Overcooked. Phil ends the show by reversing the interview on us and talks to us a bit about the last 2 years of RDP and our personal favorite games! You won't want to miss this episode!

Time Stamp:

Sea Hero Quest: 6:31

Gaming News: 34:50

Phil and Overcooked:44:50

Reverse Interview: 57:09

Real Mini:Richard Neil Interview (Anniversary Month Celebration)

Whats that!? A new Interview on the Horizon!? Why Yes it is! Not just any interview! This interview is with actor Richard Neil. His voice can be heard in the Sony Exclusive game "Horizon Zero Dawn" where Richard plays the character Aratek. Join Karrington and Andrew on this adventure filled interview as tehy discuss Rhichards journey as an actor from humble beginnings to his most recent projects where he goes in length and discusses the hit game he was involved in as well the movie "Prodigy". Is Richard Neil a gamer himself? HOw was the experience on Horizon Zero Dawn compared to acting in a movie? You can hear all this nad more on this exciting interview with Richard Neil!

If you would like to keep up with Richard Neil on his latest projects you can follow him here:

Real Dudes Ep 39: 2 Year Extravaganza

We want to give you listeners a BIG thanks! This episode we celebrate our second year of Real Dudes Podcast. We couldn't do this show without your continued support. We couldn't keep this show going without the amazing Indie developers that continue creating the amazing content that we keep getting from them! So with that said " Thank You Dudes!" While we sit and reflect on the good times we also discuss some of our favorite games we have covered as well as reflect on the not so good times. After a short break we jump into the topic of Battle Royale games and if we think they will be a genre that will last. Tweet us your thoughts about this topic!

Time Stamp:

2:19 - 2 year celebration discussion

34:36 - Will Battle Royales stick around?

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Real Mini: Jerry Martin Interview(Anniversary Special)

Karrington had the amazing pleasure to speak with Jerry Martin! You may have heard of his work while he was with Maxis/EA as he work on many many projects for them such as Sim City 3000, Sim City 4, and The Sims. Karrington talks with Jerry about his style of music which uncludes instruments such as the Guitar and the gamelan. Were there any challenges he faced? How did he develop his style for the games he worked on? What did he do before Maxis? What has he done since leaving Maxis? Karrington talks about his new project boombamboom! What is it about and how can we help support it?

You can find more about Jerry Martin here:


All Music is property of Jerry Martin, Maxis and EA. All songs were used with full permission from Jerry Martin.

Intro: Jazz 5 (Streets of Sim City)

"Without Form" (Sim City 4)

"Night Life" (Sim City 3000)

Outro: Building (Sim City 3000)

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Real Mini: Interview with Wraith Games

Today Karrington is bringing you a closer look into the studio Wraith Games! A local indie studio located in Hamilton, Ohio. Karrington had the chance to visit the studio a few weeks prior and had a fantastic time. Karrington is joined by Jay and Steve from Wraith Games and they talk a little about everything from their journey as a studio since 2005 where they started with the "50 bad prototypes", all they way till now. They talk about their upcoming project "Collapsus" and what makes it so unique in the market today. All this and more on this exciting interview with Wraith Games!

You can find more info about Wraith Games here:





Real Mini:Interview with Valerie Rose Lohman

In this exciting episode of Real Dudes Podcast Karrington had the amazing oppurtunity to talk with the fantastic Valerie Rose Lohman. Valerie is the voice of Edith Finch the main character of Kyle's favorite game of 2017 "What Remains of Edith Finch" from the Publisher Annapurna Interactive and Developer Giant Sparrow. If you missed the interview with the creative director Ian Dallas click here!

Karrington and Valerie talk about her journey as an actress, some of her inspirations including Judy Garland and many more! They also talk about how Valerie was able to become attatched with  "What Remains of Edith Finch" and everything she was able to experience after that hit indie game! Is Valerie herself a gamer? Was she able to play the game where was the titular character? Listen and find out! Valerie is also a huge Disney fan! What are some of her favorite movies and songs? More importantly now that Star Wars and Marvel are part of the Disney family, is she fans of those two franchises? Listen to this episode to find all of this information and more!

Find more about Valerie here:





Intro: © 2017 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. What Remains of Edith Finch is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

Outro: Music by Gitaruman

Real Mini: Interview with Phil Moore from Nick Arcade

Kyle and Karrington sit down with writer, producer, actor, host, and much much more Phil Moore best know for his work from Nick Arcade. This exciting and hilarious interview goes into topics of Nick Arcade, his work on G4 and X Play, and his current project Battle Arcade plus possibly starting a new Series! We absolutely loved talking with Phil and hope to have him back on in the future! If you are interested we will be posting a video version of the interview as well on our Twitch channel.

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Phil Moores Links: