Real Dudes Ep. 51 Time Stamp!

This weeks discussion starts out with Karrington chatting about going to see Mystery Science Theater 3000 live and then we briefly discuss West Virginia Game Developers Expo (Stay tuned for this week because we've got a special episode we will be releasing about WVGDE) After our intro discussion Cody discusses a game by The Voxel Agens called The Gardens Between. For a guy that does not enjoy puzzle games, he had a lot of good things to say about The Gardens Between. Things take a shift after when Karrington goes into his review of Super Hyper Active Ninja which recently released on the Switch. Listen to see what his final verdict was of the game! After we discuss a little news special guest Jordan Dean goes into his dark hole of why he hates Fortnite and he leaves the floor open to anyone that would like to come on and counter his argument!

The Gardens Between

Super Hyper Active Ninja


Time Stamps:

10:37 - The Gardens Between

18:07 - Super Hyper Active Ninja

32:52 - News

39:32 - Fortnite: The Most Overrated Game

1:06:00 - TIME STAMP!

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman

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