Episode 35 - Nacho Celeste

Uh oh! We have a situation on our hands! Kyle has decided to quit gaming? Why? What will he do!? While the crew tries to recover from this news they do talk about the latest indie game that seems to be climbing towards greatness! "Celeste" from Matt Makes Games is the game being discussed today. This platformer about a girl who feels like she needs to climb a mountain. Why? What secrets does this mountain hold? She will meet a small cast of unlikley characters along the way as well! Karrington goes in deep or rather to the summit of this game that people are saying is Game of the Year material already. Does Karrington think so? Listen and find out!

The guys discuss some new and bring back an old segment “Real Food” talking about Taco Bell fries.

Lastly two topics are covers.

1. Disney leaving Netflix. With Disney buying Fox and Hulu how will this effect Netflix? We know Disney is going to pull all their movies at some point, will Netflix try and come out with content to fill that void? The crew tries to come with way Netflix can stay afloat.

 2. Ryu vs. Mega Man. 2 classic characters enter the ring, the loser gets erased from history! Who will win? In this exciting discussion the crew talk about a fight between Mega-Man from the Mega-Man franchise vs Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise. Who wins? Who gets erased from history!?  This episode is packed so sit back and enjoy! Please subscribe and leave comments below!

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro/Kyle Quits Gaming

9:30 – Celeste

27:45 – Gaming News

37:17 – Real Food (Taco Bell Fries)

45:46 – Disney Leaves Netflix

55:02 – Video Game Verses (Mega Man vs Ryu)