Real Dudes Ep: 36 To Fe or Not To Fe

Fe from Zoink Games, Published by EA, is out and we all have our own thoughts on this game! One of us has come to the conclusion that the game is rage inducing. After we dissect this colorful game we jump into some gaming news and then discuss if Sea of Thieves will stay afloat in the industry or if it will sink.....pun intended! Lastly we answer a question from our listener Jesse Murnahan (which Kyle tries to imagine how Jesse would ask the question), Did we think every video game would come as a paid service... Check out the episode to find out our thoughts on this question.

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro

01:51 Fe

31:40 Indie Gaming News

38:50 Will Sea of Thieves Survive?

45:50 Listener Question