Real Dudes Ep: 37 Kyles Long and Old Journey

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This week Kyle plays and reviews the heart touching 2d puzzler "Old Man's Journey" from Broken Rules. Kyle talks about his experience with this game. How did it make him feel? Did he feel like an Old Man while playing? Then we have Karrington and Andrews discussion on the semi-rage inducing game "Membrane" from Perfect Hat a studio that consists of a couple who is married. Who finished this game while playing it? Did they go insane in the Membrane while playing Membrane? 

Indie News includes:

Inside Collector's Edition ($375)

Little Nightmares releasing on Switch

Undertale releasing on Switch

Castle of Heart

Fortnite on mobile?!

Bevontule livestream

Tequila Works Got our Plaque

Super Smash Announced for Switch release 2018

After a quick break the guys get into some indie gaming news and then discuss their big but quick trip to Minneapolis for the Game Informer 300th issue reveal at Fulton Brewery which included a tour of the Game Informer Office and some amazing grub at Nolos Kitchen. How'd the trip go? What was the experience like? Most importantly, what the one thing Kyle never got during the entire trip?

Time Stamps:

Old Man's Journey: 3:40

Membrane: 12:58

Gaming News: 36:20

Minneapolis Road Trip: 50:19

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