Real Mini: Jerry Martin Interview(Anniversary Special)

Karrington had the amazing pleasure to speak with Jerry Martin! You may have heard of his work while he was with Maxis/EA as he work on many many projects for them such as Sim City 3000, Sim City 4, and The Sims. Karrington talks with Jerry about his style of music which uncludes instruments such as the Guitar and the gamelan. Were there any challenges he faced? How did he develop his style for the games he worked on? What did he do before Maxis? What has he done since leaving Maxis? Karrington talks about his new project boombamboom! What is it about and how can we help support it?

You can find more about Jerry Martin here:


All Music is property of Jerry Martin, Maxis and EA. All songs were used with full permission from Jerry Martin.

Intro: Jazz 5 (Streets of Sim City)

"Without Form" (Sim City 4)

"Night Life" (Sim City 3000)

Outro: Building (Sim City 3000)

Thank you everyone for you continued support!