Real Dudes Presents....

Why hello there! We have something special for all of you out there! We are trying something different this time around and we hope you enjoy! RDP is trying aout audio skits kind of like radio shows back in the early 1900s. What a time that was right!? There are some podcasts out there doing something similar today and we though why not? Today we have for you 2 skits that were produced for your ears! First, we have "The Decision". This was written and produced by our very own Karrington and stars some of the talent you can find on the Cross Play Compatible Network! Such as Chris, Roger and Mike! They were a blast to work with as always AND everyone had a great time with it too! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! So this skit is all about Chris from Play Comics Podcast, he has a big decision to make. His consoles are wanting a new family member in the house! A baby? OF COURSE NOT! They want a new console in the house! Will Chris give in and get a new console? If, so which one? These are life chaning decisions he needs to make.

Next we have a project from Donovan that is in the making. Donovan is Karrington's younger brother. Donovan came up with a Star Wars audio show. That's right you heard me, Star Wars audio show! How amazing is that!? The show does not have a name right now and this is just a demo. This story takles place before "A New Hope" and it follows Donovan's Star Wars:Edge of the Empire character, Leded. What can we expect from this show? Listen and find out!

Feedback is much appreciated so please hit us up! We Would love to know what you think of these new audio shows!