Real Dudes Ep: 42 Tesla is Loathing E3

This week Tyler from Better Than Static joins us to chat about E3 with us. But before we get into that heated discussion Karrington tells us about his 2nd runner up for Game of the Year...West of Loathing! The game that takes place within the same universe as Kingdom of Loathing! Followed by Kyle getting nerdy over Tesla vs Lovecraft! This episode is amazing and we cannot thank the developers of both games (Asymetric Publications and 10 tons ltd) for allowing us the opportunity to play these awesome games! Does West of Loathing survive the wild wild west in Karrington's opinion? Does Tesla invent something spectacular in order to overcome the creatuers of HP Lovecraft? Listen and find out!

After we talk games we go into a discussion about games with our post E3 thoughts. What were the guys favorite games? Who won E3? What should have been at this years E3?.....You'll have to listen to find out! Be sure to stay tuned after as we have some more guests from Cross Play Compatible on to discuss their early thoughts as well.

Time Stamp:

West of Loathing: 5:22

Tesla Vs Lovecraft: 17:09

E3: 28:53

CPC E3: 1:27:30