Real Dudes Ep 44. Towards Miles & Kilo

On RDP this week we tackle 2 incredible indie titles! The first game we talk about is the fun and cute adventure RPG Towards the Pantheon. Karrington gives us his thoughts and rating on this great game. Following that is the much anticipated Miles and Kilo. Kyle and Karrington go into a deep discussion about this sequel to Kid Tripp to talk about their experience playing the game!

After our short break we talk about some news related to the gaming and as well as the film industry. Finally we end the show on an off topic discussion which was inspired from our previous guest Patrick Hickey Jr. We debate over subject of “fanboys”. Can you call yourself a gamer if you are exclusive to one console? Are “die-core” gamers considered to be people that open to all platforms and just love games as a whole? What is die-core? Are people that exclusively play mobile games considered gamers? Check out the links to the games below!

Towards the Pantheon

Miles & Kilo

Time Stamps

Towards the Pantheon: 8:28

Miles & Kilo: 15:07

News: 27:27

What it means to be a Gamer: 40:48