Real Dudes Ep. 43 Yarnie Sings a Song

This week we swing into the amazing and beautiful platform game Unravel Two from EA which released during E3! Following that we talk about and review the retro style dungeon crawler Songbringer. This Zelda like has a voxel look to it. Will stand the test of time like the beloved Nintendo Franchise? Or ultimatley fall flat?

Our gaming news this week consists of:

Domination Earth (Free geochache like mobile game)

Prequel to LiS2 (adventures of captain spirit)

Mario Tennis 3 new characters will be releasing for free

Amy Hennig leaves EA and Star Wars project to start her on independent studio

Blade Strangers (indie crossover fighting game releases on august 28) Characters from binding of isaac and shovel knight will be included in it.

Hollow Knight sales exceed 250k sales within the first 2 weeks of switch launch

Halo TV Series

No Mans Sky releases this month

Then our off topic discussion which covers Sony's denial of crossplay! THe big question of will they cave in? Or stick to their guns?


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Unravel Two