Real Dudes Ep. 48 Overcooked Cells with Phil the Chef

Phil the Chef joins the crew this week as they discuss Dead Cells and Overcooked 2. With Phils background in Chefology he lets us know the similarities between the game and the actual kitchen itself. What did he rate this game? What did the crew initially think of this fast paced multiplayer cooking frenzy. Following Overcooked 2 Karrington and Phil discuss Dead Cells. A roguelike game metroidvania style game that will be sure to kick you right where it counts! It's brutal and rewarding! Make sure to listen through to see what the guys rated Dead Cells. After discussing games the guys go in to a short news segment and then discuss the ultimate questions sent in by Relentless Rex! Video Game 1 v 1s! Loser never existed! This week its a fight between Batman and Spiderman? Who won the debate? Gotta listen to find out!

Time Stamps:

Overcooked 2: 3:14

Dead Cells: 16:50

News: 29:37

Off Topic: 47:17

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman