Real Dudes Ep. 49 The VideoKid, Heroki, & Cincinnati Comic Expo

We have a huge special treat with us today! Karrington, Kyle, Cody and Andrew are joined by Donovan! Donovan created the Star Wars audio drama that we shared with you some months ago and is here live to share his thoughts with everyone! The RDP crew cover 2 games this week starting with The VideoKid 80s Edition. This game from PixelTrip Studios certainly hits all the right nostalgia buttons when it comes to references. The real question is, does it hit that nostalgia button for the Real Dudes? Then we have a port on the Switch from Picomy studios who assist in the making of Sonic Mania with the game Heroki. Heroki is about a helicopter kid who has to save his village and the world but can he save the crew and come out on top with a hit? After some news the guy then cover their experience at Cincinnati Comic Expo 2018. What did they enjoy? Did they meet any celebrities? More importantly did they dress up when they went to the expo? Listen in and find out all this and more!

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman