Real Dudes Ep. 62 Buncha Ding Dongs

This week on RDP we Donovan reviews Symmetry by Sleepless Clinic! Following that will be our review of Ding Dong XL on the Nintendo Switch by Nickervision Studios! It has a simple premise but it gets incredibly difficult and incredibly addictive. Check out our thoughts in this weeks episode. While there isn't a ton of news this week there are still a few things we discuss, one of them being that Kotaku has finally noticed Sea Hero Quest....remember that mobile game we covered a year ago? To close things off this week the guys go around the table and list their top 3 favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies! There's got to be a tie breaker at the end!

P.S. We think something weird is going on with Kyle...


Ding Dong XL

Time Stamps:

Symmetry - 3:27

Ding Dong XL - 13:54

News - 24:19

Top 3 Favorite Marvel Movies - 39:29

Intro / Outro: Music by Gitaruman