Don't Pass Up These 2018 Games

It’s easy to lose track of games that you want to play throughout the year, especially with big titles such as Forza Horizon 4, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, and still to come Super Smash Bros Ultimate and many more AAA games that have released this year. On top of those games releasing you’ve job to hold, a paper that is due every other day, a family to provide for, a cat to feed and managing your time wisely can be a job itself. So that is why I am here. We are coming close to the end of the year and we want to make sure you know about these few smaller games that have a huge impact in the community. Below you will find a handful of games that we think you should pick up on different platforms in no particular order:

Retimed: A game that puts a twist into the brawler genre. While players are jumping, climbing and dashing across various maps they are also shooting at each other. The twist to the game is that when a player has a bullet heading in their direction time slows down inside a bubble around the player that is getting shot at allowing them to have a chance to dodge out of its way. These bubbles create exciting and intense matches wanting you to play another round against your buddies. Keep in mind only 2 to 4 players can play this game on the Nintendo Switch at the moment but during an interview with programmer Max Striebel from Team Maniax they are working on integrating online play and also a single player mode for 2019. If you’ve got the friends or family that is around to play with you then Retimed by Team Maniax is a game you won’t want to miss for the Nintendo Switch.


Celeste: This narrative driven game is one you have got to play. It reminds us of a retro platforming game with challenging puzzles but the feel of success when you complete a puzzle is very rewarding and worth the challenge. Maybe you don’t enjoy puzzlers and you’re more into story driven games. Surprisingly this game delivers a very deep and emotional story with its game play. It pulls hard at the heart strings making you feel for the protagonist as she struggles with her inner demons while climbing to the top of Celeste Mountain. It’s no wonder this game has been nominated for game of the year and we hope it wins. Don’t pass up Celeste by Matt Makes Games available on PS4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.


Overcooked 2: One word describes this game…Chaos. If you've played the first Overcooked then you know exactly what we are talking about. Food burning, orders getting stacked, people screaming…Chaos. We loved Overcooked 2 and love that they have added online game play to it. 1 to 4 players control a chef that cooks food for customers. Sounds easy but with each level there are different elements thrown in your direction such as new recipes. The level splitting in half mid session. Lights turning off. Phil the Chef discussed us the similarities between Overcooked 2 and how managing a real life kitchen can be stressful. While this game can be played with just one player we highly recommend you get some of your friends to join you. Just make sure they can handle the stress because it will test your friendship! Pick Overcooked 2 by Ghost Town Games on PS4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch, Steam.


The Gardens Between: A game about friendship. While this game might not give you some of the stress that Celeste presents it is filled with fun puzzles and tells a story of two friends as you go down memory lane. The catch to this game is you are able to manipulate time as you work your way through the puzzles. Cody reviewed The Gardens Between and admitted that he is not a big fan of puzzle games but he really enjoyed this game. The Gardens Between is a relaxing experience with bittersweet narrative and we truly believe our listeners will enjoy it. Pick up The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents now on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PS4.


Vox Machinae: For our PC gamers Vox Machinae is an amazing mech combat simulator. While you can play this on your monitor, Vox Machinae shines when it is played with a VR headset. Either battle enemies offline or fight up to 16 other players online using your very own GDR (“Grinder”) chassis with powerful lasers, missiles, and more as you fight rivals. We have been waiting for a new Armored Core and Vox Machinae scratched that itch for us. Pick up Vox Machinae by Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation today on Steam, PC VR and Desktop.


These 5 games will keep you busy for a long time and we believe that you should pick up at least one of them before 2018 ends. They are relatively cheap, provide quality game play and tell great stories. Feel free to leave in the comments below additional 2018 indie games that you think people should try out.

Kyle Federline - Host of Real Dudes Podcast - An Indie Gaming Podcast

The Expo in the Hills of West Virginia

In the backwoods of West Virginia I was able to see and meet some great people who have some fantastic projects in the works let's talk about them! Kyle and myself had the opportunity to go to the West Virginia Game Developers Expo and must say that it was a thrill for several reasons! First, where our booth was setup we were right across from Wraith Games who we have had on the show. It was great to meet Steve in person who does a lot of the art for Wraith Games. This was my first time meeting him in person. Even though I spoke with him during the interview and got a chance to tour the studio I have not had the chance to meet Steve before. He was an absolute joy and one of the nicest guys I've ever met! He did a great job at telling me about the current state of their game Collapsus as well as the current build that was being shown off at the Expo. I got a chance to not only play the game but I played a multiplayer version of the game with Steve and had a blast! This game is something special and something to watch out for when it drops. Steve also let me know about future projects that were in the pipeline and i won't say anything but you should really pay attention to what Wraith Games is about to put out and what will be coming soon as well. They are a special group of creators over there. Jay was also there from Wraith Games and I was not able to see him for very long due to his busy schedule but it was great seeing him again. Jay was involved with many different talks and panels at the expo and i was able to attend the Indie Dev Panel which he was on and it was very insightful hearing a lot of the different developers talk about how they got their start and some even develop games full time.

I also got the chance to meet Jack Daniels from Lasso Games whom I have spoken to on a few occasions. Jack is a very down to earth guy and just very cool. They were showing off Levantera and MiniLaw. Personally I only got the chance to play MiniLaw and it is also something truly special. Before going deeper i will say that both these games are available as Early Access on Steam so go right ahead and check out their respective pages on Steam in order to get a grasp of what is being discussed. MiniLaw is also a game to put on your watchlist. As a Robocop type of character going around and taking care of crime i can say i was pleasantly surprised. The controls are not easy and the game is also not easy but not in a bad way. MiniLaw was difficult in the way a Super Meat Boy or Celeste was difficult but worth the journey. Checking out Lasso Games projects was very encouraging to get my hands on and be able to see and meet Jack Daniels was a pleasant experience.

I can keep on going and going about my experience with everyone I met at the expo but i will say that our youth within in the Indie Gaming community was the best thing about the whole experience. Seeing and meeting young creators and seeing and hearing their ideas that they have either worked on or are currently working was super inspiring to see. These young people are putting their own works of art out there for the world to experience and something i never even thought of that when i started doing this podcast that i would get to experience. I must say that i cannot wait to get my hands on some of these projects and talk with the creators even more in the near future which we do plan on doing.

Attending the expo was something Kyle and I walked away with what we thought was a success in many many ways and we cannot wait to attend again next year with plans on going both days instead of just one. One thing I can say as well is that we plan on attending more conventions with a plan next year so that way not we can get excited about them but our audience can get hyped about as well.

-Karrington “Desertfury” Martin

What Celeste Does, What Other Games Can't Do.

Celeste is a game that his sweeping the internet by storm at the moment. Why? what is so special about it? We touch on the a lot of highlights of the game in episode 35. If you haven't listened to it yet I would highly recommend it first before diving into this article. 

First, something that may not be immediate to the player is the level design. Something that may be going unnoticed by the player is how the look and feel is of each level was treated in such a way that it enhances the story. This game is tough, it is not easy in anyway. There is an assist mode within the game which I thought about turning on myself. If you try and turn it on the game recommends AGAINST it! Why? Because the game is meant to be a little hard. Madeleine gets in her head quite often, constantly being told she cannot make it to the summit of the mountain. As a player the same thing can happen to you trying the same thing over and over again, failing each it time. Turning on assist mode will get in the way of this aspect of the game. How can you go through what Madeleine is going through if the game is easier for you? What is also noticeable about the level design is how it really reflects Madeleine's frame of mind as she is going through everything. I love how cluttered things can get, how hard things can get, even how dark things can get. There is a section of the game where you cannot see much unless you touch the light so you can illuminate a small portion of the screen. Finally when Madeleine sees the importance of making herself whole again and working with her doppelganger the level design gets bright and is no longer as hard as the rest of the game was. It was really neat thing to experience in a video game. Not only did the story see the main character go through a lot of hard obstacles both physical and mental but you as the player go through these things as well. Almost empowering you as you go along. I can not accurately convey how great the level design is unless you go through it yourself. Other games have tried to be tell a message or story like Braid. I feel like Braid fails in that it requires the player to be paying attention and maybe go through it a few times in order to get the story. I'm not saying Braid fails in the way it tells it's own story but I think rather the impact may get lost on someone who may become disinterested in it's message. Celeste is able to tell its story in multiple ways including it's level design in a way that makes the game as a whole more impactful.

Next we have how the game chooses to convey mental illness. Not only does Madeleine literally have her own demon in a way tormenting her. Voicing things that we all think and allow ourselves to get in our own head but all the other characters do as well. We see one character, Theo, who is on the mountain for his own self exploratory self on a journey. You see him almost obsessed with trying to get the perfect selfie. In the world where we are surrounded by social media and some of us addicted to it for various reasons. Theo almost embodies the person who on the outside seems like they have everything going for them, going to exotic places to post it on social media. But deep down inside he has his own demons that he is dealing with, not everything is as it seems. Theo often talk about how people compare him to his sister and the career she has, he feels like he cannot live up to the bar she has set. So Theo quits his job and climb the mountain as well so he feels like he can say he accomplished something. I think this is something that is important to the story of Celeste. Something games try and touch on but ultimately fail. Celeste is able to convey it's story and message through all of it's characters not just the main character. Also, by having only 4-5 different characters the creator was able to focus on these characters and not be all over the place trying to make sure every character has their "moment". Rather they are all on their own journey in order to accomplish their own personal goals.   

Mental Illness seems to be something on the rise in this world. Maybe it is something we are just more aware or maybe the conditions of this world is getting to people easier causing people to be anxious, depressed, etc. In the game Madeleine is constantly being told she can't climb the mountain, why she shouldn't be climbing the mountain. All the characters are always telling Madeleine this. Either because it is too dangerous or because she should be doing other things with herself that are better suited for her. In life, we are trying to live our lives to the fullest in the way we seem fit. We are all striving for certain goals or dreams we have in life. People we either don't know or that are very close to us are always telling us how we can't do something because it isn't realistic. Are we as people going to listen to others? Or are we going to be determined to press on like Madeleine? I think that Celeste does a really good job with making the player feel they can accomplish anything as long as they keep going, keep trying, working hard in order to achieve what seems like the impossible. Most of them time it is really ourselves and our demons getting into our own heads stifling our own growth. Madeleine realizes that she accomplish more if she becomes whole with her doppelganger. In a way we as people need those voices in our heads telling us to stop achieving our dreams and goals in order for us to keep moving. Using it as motivation. In a way Celeste is also telling us that it is okay to feel this way but not to let these feelings get in our way. Rather taking these feelings of self-doubt and turning it into motivation, making yourself more powerful and more determined. A bit cliched? Maybe. But it does get this message across very well. So much so that it helps the Player have that same effect. Empowering the player to do the same in their own lives, to go out and experience something they have never done before. 

These are some things that I have thought about with Celeste. I wasn't able to fit everything in the episode unfortunately. This is why I think this article is important and why all this had to be said. Hopefully you can go out, play Celeste and feel what I felt. This is why I think this game deserves to be Game of the Year. This is why this game got a 10/10 from me. A 10 rating doesn't mean it is the perfect game but rather it is an amazing game in all aspects. I have no complaints about it. 

I would love to hear from you and what you think. Feel free to comment below or use our contact the show to discuss it with us! We will even discuss it on our show!

As always, have a rad day!

Karrington "Desertfury" Martin

2017- Year In(die) review

Well everyone. Here we all are. Another year is done with in all of our lives. We say goodbye to the past and hello to the future. This is going to be a small recap/review of the year here at RDP as well as what is in store for the future.


What can we say about 2017? A lot actually. For those of you that may be new to our show and the website. We as a podcast started out with 4 members, Caleb, Kyle, Jake, myself(Karrington). This year we had quite the slow start due to our busy lives in schedule. Then something happened, something amazing happened in the gaming world that caught the world by storm. The release of the Nintendo Switch. It is hard to believe that it has been out less than a year. But here we are 9 months into its release and it shows no sign of slowing down. It was the release of the Switch that really lit a fire in all of us that truly got us all back into what we love most doing about this podcast, that is just straight up recording, having a good time and bringing along a few of you with us.

If you're new here you have realized that Caleb and Jake are names that may not sound familiar to you. Unfortunately after some time Caleb was not able to join us any longer. He is still around in other aspects of the show, he also games with the crew on a regular basis. Caleb sadly had to step down from his duties from the podcast altogether and we do miss our Crab brother on the show. As for Jake he also is still around on our Discord channel and can be seen regularly gaming with the RDP crew whether it be Destiny 2 or now PUBG. Even though he is still listed as an official member, he has not been on the show due to his real life job where he has a fluctuating schedule. Jake is still with us in various aspects though. We hope one day Caleb and Jake can make their way back on the show in the regular roles but for now they are truly missed.

All is not sad news though. We welcomed 2 new members this pas year as well! Cody and Andrew are new to the show and what wonderful welcome they have become! They have truly become their own and are coming around to having their own voice heard on the show and the crew is happy to have them on! Having fresh new faces or voices rather on the show has brought brand new insights and various thoughts that are very unique and quite entertaining. Whether it be Cody talking about Slime Rancher and how the slimes "poop" or Andrew and his hatred for Sonic. Kyle and Karrington certainly love having them on the show and look forward to see what happens in the future!

For long time fans of the show, you may have noticed that there has been a rebranding of sorts for the podcast. If you go back and listen to episodes released in 2016 you may have noticed that the RDP crew talking about all things gaming, tech and nerdy. They had a ton of fun with the show and talking various subjects that included "Command and Conquer", VR as a platform and of course everyone's favorite subject, food. In 2017 however the RDP crew decided it was time to focus the show on something we all loved and cared for, something that was a bit more focused and something everyone could still have fun with. The RDP crew decided to focus on Indie Games and Indie developers. Why? Well they felt like that part of the gaming community didn't have a voice. Didn't have someone who had their back. They felt like the Indie community is something that is welcoming and more than happy to share with the RDP crew their thoughts on games and the gaming industry. Over the past year the crew certainly has had a ton of fun with reviewing and discussing indie games, they even think this past year was a kind of golden year for gaming and especially indie gaming. Stay tuned for episode 32 of what the RDP crew says is their indie game of the year for the year 2017! 

This year has also been a big year for the RDP show in that this was the year RDP was able to get affiliates, a new website, a new format to the show, some support from Gitaruman as far as his music goes, and plenty of interviews and live coverage of events. Most importantly the support the RDP show and crew have gotten from friends, families and fans have been positive and overwhelming at times. The RDP crew cant thank everyone enough for their continued support! We look forward to continuing the journey for the next year!


So what is in store for 2018? 

Well I can't say a whole lot because that will ruin the fun! However I can say that right now the RDP crew has at the very least 1 interview set for each month until June. Yup! You heard that right! They already have 4 interviews lined up and possibly a 5th! Who are they? Well you will just have to wait and find out! I can say that the first interview will be a little delayed however it will be towards the end of January and it is a good friend of the show! We can't wait to have him on the show! 

Also, the crew is keeping an eye out so they can apply for E3 this year. They are hoping they are able to get there and give everyone live coverage of the events live and as they happen! They are also hoping to get into other gaming conventions and shows such as GDX, PAX East and more! They are looking forward to Power-Up Con in Huntington already and are hoping to get to more local shows around the Ohio/West Virginia area. So look out for announcements! Maybe you can meet up with the guys and hangout! We aren't probably going to do all shows in the area due to time/money but they are willing to go wherever they can as long as they are able to!

Of course we have an exciting lineup of games we want to play/review/preview for the show! We have the first game of 2018 already lined up and will be going through that very soon. We also will try and get showcase more games within the Indie gaming community. The crew apologizes for taking such a long time to get back to everyone. Between life, and trying to play enough to get a review can be a little rough and time consuming when the RDP show isn't everyone full-time job. However the crew has a list of everyone that contacted them and will be trying to get to everyone in a timely manner so watch out! If we contact you it means we are showcasing your creation on our show!

Well that is all for now. We can thank everyone enough for the support you have shown us this past year. We look forward so see what 2018 has in store for us and for our fans!

As always have a rad day!

Karrington "Desertfury90" Martin

PowerUp Gaming Convention

What is it you may ask? It is a retro gaming convention that is taking place on September 2nd in Huntington, WV. Real Dudes Podcast will be attending this year. We will even have a booth there! We will be there with a couple raffles! So please stay tuned!


So what goes on there? There will be plenty of vendors and exhibitors showcasing all of their stuff! Whether it be classic games for you to purchase or maybe someone has a super awesome display they want to show off! There will be plenty to do and see there! We are looking forward to see everyone there ourselves! The convention will also be hosting a few different tournaments such as Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. 4. So if youre interested in joining one of those don’t hesitate to join them! There will be all sorts of prizes you can win.


If you are in the area please do not hesitate to come visit us! We would love to meet any of our fans as well as anyone who just loves gaming! We may be an indie gaming podcast but that doesnt mean we dont know our games. We will hopefully be there with a camera to do some vlogging which would be new for us. We will also be there with some microphones to do a show live from the floor! We will have raffles with prizes with a portion of the money we make going to help with the relief in Texas!


We are honored that PowerUp Retro Gaming Convention is willing to have us there. We are also thankful for this opportunity. We can not wait until September 2nd. See you all there!



PC Gaming

This is a very hot topic among gamers. Why buy a PC? Why get a console? We will look at at getting a PC and maybe shed a little light on the subject.

Now a lot of people seem to think that PC gaming is more expensive than getting a console. Although this CAN be true, I will break down some basic parts and maybe convince you that a medium gaming PC can still be comparable to the price of a current generation console. In order to build a PC you will need the following pieces: Tower, Motherboard, Processor, Graphics card, RAM, Hard Drive. I'm assuming that you have a monitor/tv that is HD compatible. I will include their prices as well but I am assuming that most people have them as well as keyboard and mouse. All prices are from Newegg, they have really good prices in my opinion and good shipping. Every time I buy a part from Newegg it is always a great experience. So prices will be from them and you can find everything from their website listed. Now on to a Medium level PC that can play most modern games well and still be better than a console.

  • CyberPowerPC X-Titan Black/Red Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case- $49.99
  • AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core- $104.99
  • GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3- $54.99

  • G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 12GB-$52.99

  • Radeon R7 250-$79.99

  • WD Blue 1 TB Hard Drive- $49.99
  • Rosewill ARC-750 ARC Series 750W 80 PLUS Bronze- $59.99

The total for this gaming rig, we are looking at a total of $452.93. This is a medium build and should be able to most modern games in Medium to High detail. We can pinch here and there and make things cheaper but in my opinion this will do for what we are trying to do and accomplish. Let me break down why I chose certain things over other parts. The tower I just grabbed a decent one that can be expanded/upgraded easily. Also I have read that cooling the parts in this tower, for the price, does a decent job. The AMD processor is my choice for a budget build, you get more bang for your buck considering the price. Intel processors are much better but you are looking at paying more money. If we had all the money in the world I would suggest go that route but since it is money we are trying to save here AMD processors get my vote. The motherboard we need something that can take what we are trying to throw at and be able to run for some time. If you decide to upgrade later other parts this motherboard can be able to handle more powerful processors and graphic cards safely. Just don't go all out on these things since this motherboard won't be able to handle it all. The Ram is something that took me sometime to figure out, how much should you get, fair price, etc. I figured 12 GB would be enough, minimum I would say get at least 8 GB of RAM but no more than 16 GB. Any more than 16 GB of RAM would be overkill. Now the Radeon R7 250. Mid-range GPU(graphics card) that can run pretty well. I went with an AMD card for the same reason I went with a AMD processor, cheaper and more bang for your buck. Now for the hard drive, some may say why I didn't got with an SSD hard drive. More expensive. Period. Plus we are trying to play games here and most games are 20-30 GB of memory easily. You can get more later if you like but minimum this should be more than enough. Now the Power Supply, I will say to get something that is at least Bronze certified. Why? just in case something happens it is rated to operate efficiently and safely. We do not want anything happening while we are gaming cause we don't have enough power. Even worse if the Power Supply goes out, we don't want it taking the rest of our rig too!

Now you may argue you can get something cheaper and still run great! Yes, this is true. I was going for your average person, with average knowledge. I didn't overclock anything, didn't get anything extra, just the basics. I went with all AMD parts cause they are cheaper. Intel/NVIDIA parts are much more expensive in my opinion. We are going for a budget build and AMD parts I feel like you get more bang for you buck. Now you see total you would spend about $450. Around the same price as a new console. The PS4 at launch was $399, while the Xbox One at launch was $499. So the argument that you would spend more for a PC gaming rig is FALSE! Honestly you would pay about the same and the game would look around the same.

If we wanted to spend more on our PC we could. If you wanted to build a gaming rig that could the modern games at 60 Frames per Second then yes you would be spending a lot of money, roughly twice or three times as much as the rig we just built.

Now can we please stop saying that PC gaming is more expensive?

Have a rad day! -Desertfury90

Post Nintendo Switch Thoughts

Wow, it's been awhile since we have recorded anything, let alone written anything. We apologize about that and we are working hard to getting content back out there.

Now, the Nintendo Switch has been out for a little time now. Personally(Desertfury), I was able to get a Nintendo Switch on launch day and bought 4 games for it. So what are my thoughts about the console and the games so far?

First, the console. It is a solid piece of tech in your very hands. Nintendo was able to make something that doesn't feel or look cheap, or kiddy or embarrassing while youre trying to show it off. You might be wondering about the Joycons and how they feel. Well they feel great actually. Surprisingly you will hardly notice anything uncomfortable about the controllers. Having bigger hands I could see an issue with them, since they are smaller controllers compared to what else is on the market. Perhaps wait for a Switch XL version? Unconfirmed but the odds of it happening are pretty high.

Battery life is something that most people are concerned with, especially when the estimated time is 2.5-6 hours. That doesnt seem like enough time when you are on the go perhaps on some sort of road trip, business trip or anything similar.Hear me out though, unless you're playing something super intensive like "Zelda" you're battery life will be fine and probably sit around the 4-5 hour range. That is my experience with the console. Zelda is the game I play the most however like everyone else who has the Switch. So to answer any concerns you may have about the battery, when playing Zelda the battery does not last very long unless you have some sort of battery pack with you or near an outlet. I'd say Zelda uses around 10% of your battery life roughly every 10 minutes. Battery life on the Joycons/Pro Controller? Phenomenal. i can't believe how long the battery lasts for the controllers. I havent gotten a low battery warning yet but I do plug them in once a week probably. I am not a heavy gamer like I used to be but I will say i get around 2-5 hours of playtime everyday. I used to get much more than that when I was in school, trust me. I am not sure what voodoo Nintendo put in the controllers to make the battery last so long, it is nice to not have to worry about the battery life if I am on the go with the Switch. Nintendo has reported that you should get around 40 hours with the controllers. With the Joycons I haven't seen them really go down much. My Pro controller has gone down a little while I'm using it. Like I said I still charge them at least once a week and havent seen them reach 50% yet. My goal has been to kill the Pro Controller and I haven't charged it in about a week.

There have been some people reporting that the screen gets scratched because of the dock. I have gotten no scratched on my screen at all. It is surprising about the reports going around. I can see if the dock had gotten bent in shipping that would cause the scratches but other than that I do not see the reason

Nintendo Switch is a Smart Move

We have all seen the reveal video but what are your thoughts on it? You my be thinking to yourself, "The handheld market is dying, why would Nintendo make such a move?". I am here to tell you why.

First lets start off with the Nintendo 3DS and how it compares to the past. The 3DS as of December 2015 is sitting atop the handheld market with 57 Million Units sold. That very impressive right? Well lets take a quick look at the Nintendo DS sales. Over it's lifetime there were over 154 million units sold. That's almost a 100 million unit difference and the 3DS right now is considered to be a success. That's a huge difference in the market that was a cash cow for Nintendo. What changed you ask? Well the market changed in a big way.

What is something that has changed significantly since the release of the DS to the release of the 3DS? Well think back to the release of the DS. It was 2004. What is something that wasn't as common back then, that is very common today? Cell Phones. That's right, the huge drop in sales for the 3DS can be attributed to Mobile Devices. In fact I would bet right now you are probably reading this article on some sort of mobile device. Something that you carry around with you all the time. Even if you aren't odds are the people around you are in fact using their tablets or smartphones to do almost everything now including gaming. Now you might ask why would say that? Mobile games are nothing compared to handheld devices that are devoted to gaming. I have a couple theories on that. I think that the consumers started to not want to carry two devices around, plus families probably aren't going to get their children a cell phone, a handheld and maybe a console or two. That's a lot of money going towards your young ones when it comes to gaming. So consumers have to make a choice, get them a cell phone which everyone has or get him a handheld gaming device.  The choice is almost too easy for parents. I care more about getting a hold of my son or daughter with a cheap smartphone than drop roughly $200 for a gaming device he will only play every once in awhile, besides they have a console already, they don't need another dedicated gaming device. I think Nintendo got a smart and saw something. What if they got into the mobile market and made a device that you can take with you on the go. Especially in Japan where the mobile market is booming right now. That takes care of the home front in Japan, what about the largest gaming market in the world that is North America?

Here in North America, it is considered to be the biggest market for gaming in the world. Look at the size of North America and look at how many people are in the position to be playing these games. Most people have an internet connection, and if you have an internet connection you most likely have a gaming console as well. Even if that console isn't being used for gaming, at least it is being used for something. This is where in my opinion Nintendo decided to be bold and go for a hybrid unit. Kill two birds with one stone if you will. Why? Because in North America the handheld market is no where near where it used to be. When you are walking down the street does that little boy or girl have a handheld? Probably not, most likely they have a smartphone in their hands. When you see people hanging out at the mall or any other hangout do you see a 3DS or PS Vita? Probably not. Not like you used to at least. There are a lot of people in my experience as well who had owned a Nintendo DS but decided to not even touch the 3DS. Where has the gaming market gone? Am i repeating myself in saying the mobile market again? No. North America is known for their love of console gaming. Xbox One thrives in its home in the United States and Sony has huge market there as well with the Playstation 4. True Nintendo could play catch up and come out with the biggest, baddest, most awesome console we have ever seen if they wanted to and blow Microsoft and Sony out of the water at this point. Nintendo's business model has never reflected that however. Plus most people I have either talked to or have listened to that are from North America don't even want handhelds really anymore. Even in the days of Sega vs Nintendo, Nintendo has never put the latest and greatest tech in their products. They believe that buy making their products cheap and affordable, then the customer will want that as well, something cheap and affordable. How can Nintendo make nice handheld and console at the same time? From what we've been hearing recently as far as leaks are concerned, Nintendo has decided to put some decent hardware into the Nintendo Switch. We still wont see amazing games like we do on Xbox One or PS4, but we will still see something that can still pretty much keep up with them. That my friends is what is exciting about all of this. Could you imagine playing a game on the go that looks almost like your Xbox One Games? By that I mean, you will probably hardly even see a difference.

When talking about the Nintendo Switch with friends and listening to people online talk about it do you what I hear? I hear them say, "I will probably never take this with me, it will sit in the dock all the time." They would much rather use it as a console than a handheld. I'm not saying everyone in America is going to be this way, but most probably would. Nintendo made the wise decision to try and capture two markets that are thriving at the same time with one product. Bold move Nintendo, bold move. We really want the Switch to succeed but time will only tell if it will be a flop, or a cash cow for the Big N. What's next Nintendo? The ball is still in your court and we wait in anticipation the journey that is ahead of us.