2017- Year In(die) review

Well everyone. Here we all are. Another year is done with in all of our lives. We say goodbye to the past and hello to the future. This is going to be a small recap/review of the year here at RDP as well as what is in store for the future.


What can we say about 2017? A lot actually. For those of you that may be new to our show and the website. We as a podcast started out with 4 members, Caleb, Kyle, Jake, myself(Karrington). This year we had quite the slow start due to our busy lives in schedule. Then something happened, something amazing happened in the gaming world that caught the world by storm. The release of the Nintendo Switch. It is hard to believe that it has been out less than a year. But here we are 9 months into its release and it shows no sign of slowing down. It was the release of the Switch that really lit a fire in all of us that truly got us all back into what we love most doing about this podcast, that is just straight up recording, having a good time and bringing along a few of you with us.

If you're new here you have realized that Caleb and Jake are names that may not sound familiar to you. Unfortunately after some time Caleb was not able to join us any longer. He is still around in other aspects of the show, he also games with the crew on a regular basis. Caleb sadly had to step down from his duties from the podcast altogether and we do miss our Crab brother on the show. As for Jake he also is still around on our Discord channel and can be seen regularly gaming with the RDP crew whether it be Destiny 2 or now PUBG. Even though he is still listed as an official member, he has not been on the show due to his real life job where he has a fluctuating schedule. Jake is still with us in various aspects though. We hope one day Caleb and Jake can make their way back on the show in the regular roles but for now they are truly missed.

All is not sad news though. We welcomed 2 new members this pas year as well! Cody and Andrew are new to the show and what wonderful welcome they have become! They have truly become their own and are coming around to having their own voice heard on the show and the crew is happy to have them on! Having fresh new faces or voices rather on the show has brought brand new insights and various thoughts that are very unique and quite entertaining. Whether it be Cody talking about Slime Rancher and how the slimes "poop" or Andrew and his hatred for Sonic. Kyle and Karrington certainly love having them on the show and look forward to see what happens in the future!

For long time fans of the show, you may have noticed that there has been a rebranding of sorts for the podcast. If you go back and listen to episodes released in 2016 you may have noticed that the RDP crew talking about all things gaming, tech and nerdy. They had a ton of fun with the show and talking various subjects that included "Command and Conquer", VR as a platform and of course everyone's favorite subject, food. In 2017 however the RDP crew decided it was time to focus the show on something we all loved and cared for, something that was a bit more focused and something everyone could still have fun with. The RDP crew decided to focus on Indie Games and Indie developers. Why? Well they felt like that part of the gaming community didn't have a voice. Didn't have someone who had their back. They felt like the Indie community is something that is welcoming and more than happy to share with the RDP crew their thoughts on games and the gaming industry. Over the past year the crew certainly has had a ton of fun with reviewing and discussing indie games, they even think this past year was a kind of golden year for gaming and especially indie gaming. Stay tuned for episode 32 of what the RDP crew says is their indie game of the year for the year 2017! 

This year has also been a big year for the RDP show in that this was the year RDP was able to get affiliates, a new website, a new format to the show, some support from Gitaruman as far as his music goes, and plenty of interviews and live coverage of events. Most importantly the support the RDP show and crew have gotten from friends, families and fans have been positive and overwhelming at times. The RDP crew cant thank everyone enough for their continued support! We look forward to continuing the journey for the next year!


So what is in store for 2018? 

Well I can't say a whole lot because that will ruin the fun! However I can say that right now the RDP crew has at the very least 1 interview set for each month until June. Yup! You heard that right! They already have 4 interviews lined up and possibly a 5th! Who are they? Well you will just have to wait and find out! I can say that the first interview will be a little delayed however it will be towards the end of January and it is a good friend of the show! We can't wait to have him on the show! 

Also, the crew is keeping an eye out so they can apply for E3 this year. They are hoping they are able to get there and give everyone live coverage of the events live and as they happen! They are also hoping to get into other gaming conventions and shows such as GDX, PAX East and more! They are looking forward to Power-Up Con in Huntington already and are hoping to get to more local shows around the Ohio/West Virginia area. So look out for announcements! Maybe you can meet up with the guys and hangout! We aren't probably going to do all shows in the area due to time/money but they are willing to go wherever they can as long as they are able to!

Of course we have an exciting lineup of games we want to play/review/preview for the show! We have the first game of 2018 already lined up and will be going through that very soon. We also will try and get showcase more games within the Indie gaming community. The crew apologizes for taking such a long time to get back to everyone. Between life, and trying to play enough to get a review can be a little rough and time consuming when the RDP show isn't everyone full-time job. However the crew has a list of everyone that contacted them and will be trying to get to everyone in a timely manner so watch out! If we contact you it means we are showcasing your creation on our show!

Well that is all for now. We can thank everyone enough for the support you have shown us this past year. We look forward so see what 2018 has in store for us and for our fans!

As always have a rad day!

Karrington "Desertfury90" Martin