PC Gaming

This is a very hot topic among gamers. Why buy a PC? Why get a console? We will look at at getting a PC and maybe shed a little light on the subject.

Now a lot of people seem to think that PC gaming is more expensive than getting a console. Although this CAN be true, I will break down some basic parts and maybe convince you that a medium gaming PC can still be comparable to the price of a current generation console. In order to build a PC you will need the following pieces: Tower, Motherboard, Processor, Graphics card, RAM, Hard Drive. I'm assuming that you have a monitor/tv that is HD compatible. I will include their prices as well but I am assuming that most people have them as well as keyboard and mouse. All prices are from Newegg, they have really good prices in my opinion and good shipping. Every time I buy a part from Newegg it is always a great experience. So prices will be from them and you can find everything from their website listed. Now on to a Medium level PC that can play most modern games well and still be better than a console.

  • CyberPowerPC X-Titan Black/Red Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case- $49.99
  • AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core- $104.99
  • GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3- $54.99

  • G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 12GB-$52.99

  • Radeon R7 250-$79.99

  • WD Blue 1 TB Hard Drive- $49.99
  • Rosewill ARC-750 ARC Series 750W 80 PLUS Bronze- $59.99

The total for this gaming rig, we are looking at a total of $452.93. This is a medium build and should be able to most modern games in Medium to High detail. We can pinch here and there and make things cheaper but in my opinion this will do for what we are trying to do and accomplish. Let me break down why I chose certain things over other parts. The tower I just grabbed a decent one that can be expanded/upgraded easily. Also I have read that cooling the parts in this tower, for the price, does a decent job. The AMD processor is my choice for a budget build, you get more bang for your buck considering the price. Intel processors are much better but you are looking at paying more money. If we had all the money in the world I would suggest go that route but since it is money we are trying to save here AMD processors get my vote. The motherboard we need something that can take what we are trying to throw at and be able to run for some time. If you decide to upgrade later other parts this motherboard can be able to handle more powerful processors and graphic cards safely. Just don't go all out on these things since this motherboard won't be able to handle it all. The Ram is something that took me sometime to figure out, how much should you get, fair price, etc. I figured 12 GB would be enough, minimum I would say get at least 8 GB of RAM but no more than 16 GB. Any more than 16 GB of RAM would be overkill. Now the Radeon R7 250. Mid-range GPU(graphics card) that can run pretty well. I went with an AMD card for the same reason I went with a AMD processor, cheaper and more bang for your buck. Now for the hard drive, some may say why I didn't got with an SSD hard drive. More expensive. Period. Plus we are trying to play games here and most games are 20-30 GB of memory easily. You can get more later if you like but minimum this should be more than enough. Now the Power Supply, I will say to get something that is at least Bronze certified. Why? just in case something happens it is rated to operate efficiently and safely. We do not want anything happening while we are gaming cause we don't have enough power. Even worse if the Power Supply goes out, we don't want it taking the rest of our rig too!

Now you may argue you can get something cheaper and still run great! Yes, this is true. I was going for your average person, with average knowledge. I didn't overclock anything, didn't get anything extra, just the basics. I went with all AMD parts cause they are cheaper. Intel/NVIDIA parts are much more expensive in my opinion. We are going for a budget build and AMD parts I feel like you get more bang for you buck. Now you see total you would spend about $450. Around the same price as a new console. The PS4 at launch was $399, while the Xbox One at launch was $499. So the argument that you would spend more for a PC gaming rig is FALSE! Honestly you would pay about the same and the game would look around the same.

If we wanted to spend more on our PC we could. If you wanted to build a gaming rig that could the modern games at 60 Frames per Second then yes you would be spending a lot of money, roughly twice or three times as much as the rig we just built.

Now can we please stop saying that PC gaming is more expensive?

Have a rad day! -Desertfury90