Post Nintendo Switch Thoughts

Wow, it's been awhile since we have recorded anything, let alone written anything. We apologize about that and we are working hard to getting content back out there.

Now, the Nintendo Switch has been out for a little time now. Personally(Desertfury), I was able to get a Nintendo Switch on launch day and bought 4 games for it. So what are my thoughts about the console and the games so far?

First, the console. It is a solid piece of tech in your very hands. Nintendo was able to make something that doesn't feel or look cheap, or kiddy or embarrassing while youre trying to show it off. You might be wondering about the Joycons and how they feel. Well they feel great actually. Surprisingly you will hardly notice anything uncomfortable about the controllers. Having bigger hands I could see an issue with them, since they are smaller controllers compared to what else is on the market. Perhaps wait for a Switch XL version? Unconfirmed but the odds of it happening are pretty high.

Battery life is something that most people are concerned with, especially when the estimated time is 2.5-6 hours. That doesnt seem like enough time when you are on the go perhaps on some sort of road trip, business trip or anything similar.Hear me out though, unless you're playing something super intensive like "Zelda" you're battery life will be fine and probably sit around the 4-5 hour range. That is my experience with the console. Zelda is the game I play the most however like everyone else who has the Switch. So to answer any concerns you may have about the battery, when playing Zelda the battery does not last very long unless you have some sort of battery pack with you or near an outlet. I'd say Zelda uses around 10% of your battery life roughly every 10 minutes. Battery life on the Joycons/Pro Controller? Phenomenal. i can't believe how long the battery lasts for the controllers. I havent gotten a low battery warning yet but I do plug them in once a week probably. I am not a heavy gamer like I used to be but I will say i get around 2-5 hours of playtime everyday. I used to get much more than that when I was in school, trust me. I am not sure what voodoo Nintendo put in the controllers to make the battery last so long, it is nice to not have to worry about the battery life if I am on the go with the Switch. Nintendo has reported that you should get around 40 hours with the controllers. With the Joycons I haven't seen them really go down much. My Pro controller has gone down a little while I'm using it. Like I said I still charge them at least once a week and havent seen them reach 50% yet. My goal has been to kill the Pro Controller and I haven't charged it in about a week.

There have been some people reporting that the screen gets scratched because of the dock. I have gotten no scratched on my screen at all. It is surprising about the reports going around. I can see if the dock had gotten bent in shipping that would cause the scratches but other than that I do not see the reason