PowerUp Gaming Convention

What is it you may ask? It is a retro gaming convention that is taking place on September 2nd in Huntington, WV. Real Dudes Podcast will be attending this year. We will even have a booth there! We will be there with a couple raffles! So please stay tuned!


So what goes on there? There will be plenty of vendors and exhibitors showcasing all of their stuff! Whether it be classic games for you to purchase or maybe someone has a super awesome display they want to show off! There will be plenty to do and see there! We are looking forward to see everyone there ourselves! The convention will also be hosting a few different tournaments such as Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. 4. So if youre interested in joining one of those don’t hesitate to join them! There will be all sorts of prizes you can win.


If you are in the area please do not hesitate to come visit us! We would love to meet any of our fans as well as anyone who just loves gaming! We may be an indie gaming podcast but that doesnt mean we dont know our games. We will hopefully be there with a camera to do some vlogging which would be new for us. We will also be there with some microphones to do a show live from the floor! We will have raffles with prizes with a portion of the money we make going to help with the relief in Texas!


We are honored that PowerUp Retro Gaming Convention is willing to have us there. We are also thankful for this opportunity. We can not wait until September 2nd. See you all there!