The Expo in the Hills of West Virginia

In the backwoods of West Virginia I was able to see and meet some great people who have some fantastic projects in the works let's talk about them! Kyle and myself had the opportunity to go to the West Virginia Game Developers Expo and must say that it was a thrill for several reasons! First, where our booth was setup we were right across from Wraith Games who we have had on the show. It was great to meet Steve in person who does a lot of the art for Wraith Games. This was my first time meeting him in person. Even though I spoke with him during the interview and got a chance to tour the studio I have not had the chance to meet Steve before. He was an absolute joy and one of the nicest guys I've ever met! He did a great job at telling me about the current state of their game Collapsus as well as the current build that was being shown off at the Expo. I got a chance to not only play the game but I played a multiplayer version of the game with Steve and had a blast! This game is something special and something to watch out for when it drops. Steve also let me know about future projects that were in the pipeline and i won't say anything but you should really pay attention to what Wraith Games is about to put out and what will be coming soon as well. They are a special group of creators over there. Jay was also there from Wraith Games and I was not able to see him for very long due to his busy schedule but it was great seeing him again. Jay was involved with many different talks and panels at the expo and i was able to attend the Indie Dev Panel which he was on and it was very insightful hearing a lot of the different developers talk about how they got their start and some even develop games full time.

I also got the chance to meet Jack Daniels from Lasso Games whom I have spoken to on a few occasions. Jack is a very down to earth guy and just very cool. They were showing off Levantera and MiniLaw. Personally I only got the chance to play MiniLaw and it is also something truly special. Before going deeper i will say that both these games are available as Early Access on Steam so go right ahead and check out their respective pages on Steam in order to get a grasp of what is being discussed. MiniLaw is also a game to put on your watchlist. As a Robocop type of character going around and taking care of crime i can say i was pleasantly surprised. The controls are not easy and the game is also not easy but not in a bad way. MiniLaw was difficult in the way a Super Meat Boy or Celeste was difficult but worth the journey. Checking out Lasso Games projects was very encouraging to get my hands on and be able to see and meet Jack Daniels was a pleasant experience.

I can keep on going and going about my experience with everyone I met at the expo but i will say that our youth within in the Indie Gaming community was the best thing about the whole experience. Seeing and meeting young creators and seeing and hearing their ideas that they have either worked on or are currently working was super inspiring to see. These young people are putting their own works of art out there for the world to experience and something i never even thought of that when i started doing this podcast that i would get to experience. I must say that i cannot wait to get my hands on some of these projects and talk with the creators even more in the near future which we do plan on doing.

Attending the expo was something Kyle and I walked away with what we thought was a success in many many ways and we cannot wait to attend again next year with plans on going both days instead of just one. One thing I can say as well is that we plan on attending more conventions with a plan next year so that way not we can get excited about them but our audience can get hyped about as well.

-Karrington “Desertfury” Martin