Don't Pass Up These 2018 Games

It’s easy to lose track of games that you want to play throughout the year, especially with big titles such as Forza Horizon 4, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, and still to come Super Smash Bros Ultimate and many more AAA games that have released this year. On top of those games releasing you’ve job to hold, a paper that is due every other day, a family to provide for, a cat to feed and managing your time wisely can be a job itself. So that is why I am here. We are coming close to the end of the year and we want to make sure you know about these few smaller games that have a huge impact in the community. Below you will find a handful of games that we think you should pick up on different platforms in no particular order:

Retimed: A game that puts a twist into the brawler genre. While players are jumping, climbing and dashing across various maps they are also shooting at each other. The twist to the game is that when a player has a bullet heading in their direction time slows down inside a bubble around the player that is getting shot at allowing them to have a chance to dodge out of its way. These bubbles create exciting and intense matches wanting you to play another round against your buddies. Keep in mind only 2 to 4 players can play this game on the Nintendo Switch at the moment but during an interview with programmer Max Striebel from Team Maniax they are working on integrating online play and also a single player mode for 2019. If you’ve got the friends or family that is around to play with you then Retimed by Team Maniax is a game you won’t want to miss for the Nintendo Switch.


Celeste: This narrative driven game is one you have got to play. It reminds us of a retro platforming game with challenging puzzles but the feel of success when you complete a puzzle is very rewarding and worth the challenge. Maybe you don’t enjoy puzzlers and you’re more into story driven games. Surprisingly this game delivers a very deep and emotional story with its game play. It pulls hard at the heart strings making you feel for the protagonist as she struggles with her inner demons while climbing to the top of Celeste Mountain. It’s no wonder this game has been nominated for game of the year and we hope it wins. Don’t pass up Celeste by Matt Makes Games available on PS4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.


Overcooked 2: One word describes this game…Chaos. If you've played the first Overcooked then you know exactly what we are talking about. Food burning, orders getting stacked, people screaming…Chaos. We loved Overcooked 2 and love that they have added online game play to it. 1 to 4 players control a chef that cooks food for customers. Sounds easy but with each level there are different elements thrown in your direction such as new recipes. The level splitting in half mid session. Lights turning off. Phil the Chef discussed us the similarities between Overcooked 2 and how managing a real life kitchen can be stressful. While this game can be played with just one player we highly recommend you get some of your friends to join you. Just make sure they can handle the stress because it will test your friendship! Pick Overcooked 2 by Ghost Town Games on PS4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch, Steam.


The Gardens Between: A game about friendship. While this game might not give you some of the stress that Celeste presents it is filled with fun puzzles and tells a story of two friends as you go down memory lane. The catch to this game is you are able to manipulate time as you work your way through the puzzles. Cody reviewed The Gardens Between and admitted that he is not a big fan of puzzle games but he really enjoyed this game. The Gardens Between is a relaxing experience with bittersweet narrative and we truly believe our listeners will enjoy it. Pick up The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents now on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PS4.


Vox Machinae: For our PC gamers Vox Machinae is an amazing mech combat simulator. While you can play this on your monitor, Vox Machinae shines when it is played with a VR headset. Either battle enemies offline or fight up to 16 other players online using your very own GDR (“Grinder”) chassis with powerful lasers, missiles, and more as you fight rivals. We have been waiting for a new Armored Core and Vox Machinae scratched that itch for us. Pick up Vox Machinae by Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation today on Steam, PC VR and Desktop.


These 5 games will keep you busy for a long time and we believe that you should pick up at least one of them before 2018 ends. They are relatively cheap, provide quality game play and tell great stories. Feel free to leave in the comments below additional 2018 indie games that you think people should try out.

Kyle Federline - Host of Real Dudes Podcast - An Indie Gaming Podcast